If you are a real estate agent inundated by data, dates and deadlines, then you need Switchboard™

Never forget to return a call

Never play appointment tag

And never miss another important message

Switchboard is a suite of tools that seamlessly integrates with your calendar and your phone to give your real estate sales a true computer-assisted boost.

HomeShow Helper™

Integrates with all major calendar platforms and automatically picks up appointments for showings. It sends a text message reminder to seller, buyer and agents that includes a link to a map with directions.


Whether you're on another call or having dinner (or asleep!), RealScheduler can schedule appointments for you via voice on the phone or via text messages.


Our artificial intelligence knows real estate and home mortgage terminology... and will watch all your voicemail and e-mail messages for important or time-sensitive information. It can notify you of anything critical or imminent, but can also consolidate a prioritized list of messages for you to review.

If you want, it can even remind you if you forget to return a call.

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